Why You Must Assume Attraction with Women

Yes, she likes you. Now keep going.

The concept of assuming attraction is easy to understand for guys who are far along the path of having successes with girls, but for other inexperienced guys it could seem like a weird idea.

An assumed attraction mindset is almost always a key ingredient in taking a seduction anywhere.

If you can assume attraction, you save so much time that you’d otherwise have to spend searching for attraction confirmation that she probably won’t give you unless you explicitly ask for it.

In order to do this, you need to assume attraction in the first place.

Most guys don’t assume attraction. Instead they’d try to first focus on finding signs that she likes them, before they could gather the courage to move things forward.

And in most cases, they wouldn’t even do anything. Why would they, as long as they got their little dose of ego validation with those “attraction signs”?

Let’s be real here though, most guys just aren’t great at reading those signs, so they get stuck in limbo.

The truth is that girls are usually too preoccupied with being attracted to you to properly signal it.

Many times I’ve been told by women that they don’t like me, or I’m not their type. But guess what? Within a couple hours I’ve taken them to bed.

Now she may be cold and difficult verbally, but if she keeps hanging around regardless, then you need to assume attraction and keep going. If she’s verbally dismissive but still curious and paying attention to you, then it’s safe to assume you’ve still got it.

Of course you need to calibrate the situations accordingly. And if she just isn’t sexually or romantically interested, she’d let you know and/or walk away. Just back off at that point.

By assuming attraction, you’d be way more efficient in screening out those flirty validation seekers aka time wasters.

For example, you know those girls who keep flirting with you over text, but every time you ask her out on a date, she’d flake on you with some bullshit excuse.

Or even when you get her out, whenever you make a move, she’d dodge it and then gently pat you on the back like you’re some cute little puppy.

And you know what, life is too short to be an orbiting simp.

On the flip side, you’d save a lot more time so you can spend it with girls who may seem cold and aloof on the surface, but are actually attracted to you once you man up to move things forward.

Obviously having an assumed attraction mindset is extremely useful in cold approach settings as well.

A hot girl on the street? Assume she’s attracted to you, and say hi.

A blessed girl in your social circle keeps talking to you? Assume she’s into you.

A girl still hangs around with you even though you’re not at your best? Yes, she likes you.

Take any reason that comes along to assume attraction.

When you do, you’d naturally become way more confident. When you feel more bossed, you’d be more likely to escalate the interaction to the next level.

Of course when girls sense this confident vibe, she’d end up getting more attracted anyway.

What a textbook definition of self-fulfilling prophecy.


Now listen, life is not a Disney movie.

Stop waiting for that perfect moment. You ain’t in high school anymore bro.

Focus on what she does, not what she says.

An attraction could be there, left unsaid, but powerful. To connect with it, first you need to assume it’s already there to begin with.

Or you probably won’t find it.

And remember, Gameasy.