Top 5 Reasons Why Day Game Trumps Night Game & Online Dating

Day Game = Freedom

There’s been an age-old debate in the Pickup Community when it comes to the best style of game.

Day Game? Night Game? Or Online Dating?

And today I’m going to keep it very simple for you.

Day Game is The Best.

Let me explain.

1. Way Better Quality

Now the first thing you need to honestly ask yourself before you even step out of your house is that: What kind of girls do you want?

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re into some crazy party girl who gets shit faced 5 nights a week while shaking her ass in the club for validation from random dudes, then by all means, forget about Day Game.

Either way it’s cool bro, I ain’t judging.

But, if you actually prefer quality, aka the girlfriend or even wifey material who’s blessed on the outside but also got her shit together, while being physically AND psychologically healthy, then chances are, you’re NOT gonna find them at bars or clubs on a Friday night.

In fact, most of the ex-girlfriends I have dated long term, I met ALL of them through Day Game from places like university campus, shopping malls and on the streets.

Now for girls I met from night game, most of them just lead to some quick flings or one night stands. And trust me, I would never want to settle down with any of them.

Simply put, if you want crazy girls, go meet them at crazy places. But if you want normal girls, then meet them at normal places.

So again, what kind of girls do YOU want?

2. No Competition

You know what, why don’t we first look at other alternatives besides day game?

Let’s start with dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge.

First of all, they’re extremely oversaturated with ratio like 1 girl to 69 horny dudes, if not worse, in each of those apps .

So good luck finding a quality match from tinder, unless you look like Brad Pitt.

Now speaking of Brad Pitt, guess what, those handsome, model looking guys and even average dudes who suck with women will be at any bar or club directly competing with you, thanks to the liquor courage they got after a couple shots of tequila.

And guess what, the shitty the ratio, the bitchier the girls get.

On the flip side, ask yourself, do you know anybody in your social circle, who got the balls to approach random girls, during the day?

Um I’d guess not.

And this is exactly why you should go do Day Game, because literally nobody else is doing it!!

If you go out consistently and talk to girls on the street, at the mall, café or park, you’re literally among the 1% of the men on this planet who do this, and with some proper and normal game, obviously girls will love you for it.

Matter of fact, some hot girls even told me that I was the very first guy who ever approached her confidently during the day in her ENTIRE life.

And that, sounds like Gameasy to me.

3. Way Easier to Get Dates

Have you been collecting numbers from night game, only to find out over 90% of them are flakey and don’t even text you back?

Well the main reason is that when you met her the previous night, she was in a party mode.

But when you texted her the next day, she was probably in school or at work, and when she saw your text, she might be thinking Omg, it’s that crazy dude at the club, and you know what, I don’t feel like talking to a crazy party dude right now…

So yeah, number deleted.

On the flip side, if you met her during the day and then you text her the same day, you’d be the guy who’s on the same level as her, and she will see you as a normal, yet confident man.

So you’d become way more real and it’d be much more comfortable for her to text you back.

In fact, I don’t even bother getting numbers from night game if I don’t pull the same night.

But in Day Game, I get at least 1-2 dates lined up per week from the numbers I got, by using a proven system that anyone can follow, rather than playing the shitty numbers game like what you see with those social experiments or flashy pickups on YouTube.

That being said, we’ve been developing an online course on The A-Z Process of Day Game, so make sure to sign up for our VIP Mailing List, so you’ll know as soon as we launch the course.

4. Zero Bullshit

I love Day Game, because it is the purest style of game.

Meaning you don’t have to deal with any loud ass music, long ass lineups, expensive covers and overpriced drinks, insane competition, cockblocks and a messed up sleep schedule.

And also you don’t have to deal with swiping left and right all day everyday just so you can find that one girl who’s mediocre at best that still ends up flaking on you after messaging back and forth for weeks if not months.

None of that bullshit.

In Day Game, you literally do it the old-fashioned way aka by growing a pair, walking straight up to the girl on the street while being completely sober and still be able to strike up a conversation.

5. True Confidence

And this brings me to the last and the most important point which is Day Game is one of the best ways for you to cultivate true confidence.

Unlike night game where you often reply on booze or drugs, in Day Game you rely nothing and nobody else, but yourself.

If you master Day Game, you can literally go anywhere in the world, anytime you see a blessed girl walking by, you’d be confident enough to go up to her and say hi.

And THAT, is freedom.

And guess what, most of the time in your everyday life, you are completely sober right? Well at least I would hope so lol.

So by getting good in Day game, the mindset, the frame, social skills and the natural confidence that you have developed through the process will help you step up in your professional and personal life tremendously.

If you think about it, Day Game will teach you way more than just pickup skills, you will actually develop life skills while having a blast along the way.

So if you want to succeed in life, Day game is the best way to go.

And if you want to succeed sooner rather than later, then sign up for a Free 30 Min Coaching Call, so you can get started right away.

There you have it.

Now it’s time to get off your phone or computer, and go hit the streets.

See you outside.

And remember, Gameasy.