Top 3 Approaches in Day Game & Night Game

Don’t know what to say when you spot that cute girl on the street? No worries man, we got you covered here.

Most guys are way too obsessed about finding that perfect opener.

Guess what? It doesn’t exist.

Sorry to pop your bubble, buddy.

Listen, there ain’t no one pickup line or opener that is so magical that as soon as you drop it, the girl would automatically drop her panties and have sex with you.

So stop looking for that magical line or perfect timing to open her.

The sole purpose of an opener is to start a conversation until you reach the hook point where the girl is starting to get hooked or invested in the interaction.

That’s it.

Now if the girl is down, that “bad” opener isn’t going to cockblock you when you get her in bed. So stop stressing about which opener to use.

That being said, let’s talk about the top 3 approaches in both day game and night game.

1. Direct Approach

This works best in the daytime because it’s different.

Most guys are indirect, keeping the conversation about boring stuff like what time it is or whatever.

When you approach a girl in Day Game, the first things she wants to know are:

1. Who you are
2. Why you’re talking to her

The direct approach answers both right away.

You’re a man who wants to engage her because you find her physically attractive and sexy.

You are not hiding your dick.

Quick example: “Hi, excuse me. I know this is kinda random, but I just saw you walking by, and I think you’re pretty cute. So I want to come say hi. My name is Edison.”

Now she knows who YOU are, aka The Boss.

Going direct is all about first impressions, your look, your confidence and vibe. It’s also about her receptiveness, confidence, and the mood she is in.

Many women are primed to keep strange men at bay, so you need to work on fundamentals to make sure you can bypass those shields.

Aim to get her hooked by being cool and calibrated, not someone to be wary of. In my experience, more attractive women tend to be more open to direct approaches.

But some women just aren’t used to being approached directly, so you’d get rejected more often compared to a Starbucks opener.

That’s fine because you’d be able to screen girls more effectively, so you don’t waste your time, or hers.

2. Indirect Approach

The three main types of indirect approach include:

1. Directions
2. Opinion
3. Observations

Maybe you want to know where the closest Starbucks is. Maybe you ask for her opinion on your watch. Or maybe you really love her style and want to tell her exactly that.

The point of a good indirect approach is to show your creativity and personality, while being a bit more organic with a lower risk compared to a full on direct approach.

But make sure that you transition later on so she clearly knows that you are there to talk to her with a man-to-woman frame.

With enough practice, your improvisation will improve and help you take indirect conversations with girls to new heights.

Just know that it takes a lot of practice to get good at indirect openers. The upside is that it’s a lot of fun to learn.

3. Situational Approach

This approach is probably the most powerful of the three.

Situations are everywhere and happen all the time, but you have to be aware of them by staying in the present.

The beauty of situational approaches is that they feel very organic and spontaneous, almost as if they are meant to be.

Now think of all the romance movies that started with some big impending situation. You know, some sort of mysterious force that brings the man and woman together.

Obviously these are based on dramatic storytelling, but they also apply to real life in the sense that romances thrive on certain situations that bring people together.

However, if you’re always waiting for an external situation to bring a hot girl into your life, then good luck. Because you’re probably going to be waiting for a long time.

And may even die alone waiting for it…

So learn to spot situations and use them as launch pads to turn a cold approach into a warm one.

Situational background, combined with indirect and direct approaches, all encompass just part of what it takes to succeed in game.

And guess what? There’s a whole universe beyond the opener, but you can’t get there without learning how to open effectively.

So use these techniques and let us know how you did!

Now if you want to drastically cut down your own learning curve in game, then sign up for a Free Consultation right now.

And remember, Gameasy.