How to Start Having Fun While Picking Up Girls

Having Fun
The Game is called The Game, not The 9-5 or The Work.

When a lot of guys start trying to do cold approach pick up, they tend to take it too seriously.

Namely, they often beat themselves up for not getting the results as fast as they’d hope. And they’d often see the game as the chore. They start to hate the process.

And the next thing you know, they retire from the game. Prematurely. And permanently.

But guess what? For guys who are good with girls — chances are, they know how to have fun with the process.

A lot of your success can depend on simply how much fun you’re having.

So here are a few tips on how to have more fun while picking up girls.


In order to have fun, you need to adopt a proper mindset first.


– Assumed Attraction: Realize that you have a lot of value to give, so of course girls would welcome your approaches.

– Abundance: There’s 8 billions of people in the world, and half of them are women. So I guarantee you that, there will never be any shortages when it comes to hot girls.

– Self-Amusement: See the game as what it really is. Meaning, it’s just a game. Not a 9-5 or a job. You have fun when you play video games, right? So there you go.

– Lower the Standard for Success: As long as you say hi, you win.

Teach yourself to see the world as tuned to your success.

Nobody is Perfect

Tell yourself that you don’t have to be perfect to succeed. You can stumble around and still get the results you want.

Look, I used to get rejected all the time. And I still face rejections here and there even after a decade of cold approach.

But guess what? After each so-called rejection, I never dwell on it emotionally.

Instead, I see each and every one of them as lessons so I know what NOT to do in the future.

Not to mention that every success, no matter how minor it may seem, teaches me what to do MORE in the future, along with the inspiration for me to keep gaming.

And that’s how I’ve been able to get consistent results.

Rejections? Whatever.

Understand that rejection doesn’t mean failure. 

Ironically, true confidence is cultivated through repeated rejections, rather than easy successes.

It’s basically like going to the gym. If you don’t feel kinda sore the next morning, then chances are you didn’t push yourself enough.

No pain, no gain.

The game teaches you that whatever worth pursuing in life, you have to work for it.

Gradually you’d toughen up. And whatever challenges you’d face along the way, you’d be confident to trust that, YOU can handle it.

Now obviously these mindsets take time to cultivate. It’s not a matter of constantly checking yourself to make sure you’re thinking the right way.

Rather, it’s a question of occasionally checking in on yourself to see how close your current mindset is to the one you want to have. 

The Game is Just The Game

People, including hot girls, are attracted to those who are having fun.

That’s because doing difficult things consume mental resources. It’s not sustainable.

That’s why the people you see who are far-along at something always seem to have fun with it.

Start seeing the game as just a game. If you ain’t having fun playing it, then what’s the point bro?

So remember, Gameasy.