The Gameasy Bootcamp will get you the abundant dating life YOU truly deserve.

The Bootcamp is a 3 day immersive experience that will help you discover the authentic man within you.

We will revolutionize your fashion style, mindset and social skills.

We will make sure your dating life will be transformed forever.



Become a Confident Man

Overcome Approach Anxiety

Learn How to Get a Date

Limiting Beliefs? No More.

Have Amazing Experiences

Having Fun

Transform Your Dating Life

Our Proven System

1) Understanding Your Story

We want to hear your story,  your background, your dating life, and get to know you personally so we can best know how to coach and transform you.

2) Transform Your Mindset

We will go through a Belief System Training to destroy any limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from achieving the success you want, and give you a new empowering mindset so you can crush it in life.

3) Complete Style Makeover

We have a dedicated Style Specialist who helps you create the most attractive look by choosing clothes, shoes, haircut and accessories that perfectly match your body type and style, so you’d look and feel your absolute best right before the transformation. You’ll also have a complimentary Photoshoot to optimize your online game.

4) Day & Night Game                                             

We’ll go together on a  1-on-1 Bootcamp. I’ll see how you game and immediately give you feedback so you can improve right away. We’ll create a personally tailored program specifically designed for you, so you can get good with women fast. And of course, we’ll show you as many live demonstrations as you want, simply because we walk the walk.

5) Motivational Transformation            

We know that transformation is a process. So throughout the Bootcamp, we’ll meticulously gather any footage, feedback and observations about you and give you a comprehensive action plan. And after the Bootcamp, we offer 6 weeks of Online Coaching, so you’ll be motivated to keep gaming the right way with maximum accountability to make sure your dating life transforms forever.

Your Coach



Edison has over 10 years of experience in Cold Approach.

With over 2 million views on YouTube and TikTok, he has helped a countless number of men rise up and crush it in their dating and professional lives.

Sign up for a 1-on-1 Bootcamp with Edison now and see your dating life transform forever.


Results speak for themselves:

I felt like my life was done. I had no girlfriends and no girls around me. But I still want to change myself, because I don’t want to give up. There’s a way to start at least to find a better path for my dating life. I signed up for the Fast Forward Bootcamp because I want to change. So before I took the Bootcamp, I felt like my biggest sticking point was approach anxiety. Edison taught me how to empty my mind, and I felt like I can start – I can just run up to the girls with very least fear. After 3 days of the Bootcamp, I feel like this is completely possible.




Before the Bootcamp, I never got a girlfriend and I never got any girls in my life. After I took the Bootcamp, I game consistently. Not too long after, I almost got a Same Day Lay. After that, I got a girlfriend. And before I have a girlfriend, I was actually seeing the CBC (Chinese Born Canadian) in Rotation. You know what that means? One is the main, one is backup. And now, I still got advice from Edison – it’s like a life mentoring for me. It’s not just game, but also how to be a man with power.




I wanted to go out and approach girls, but I was stuck in Approach Anxiety. When you get rejected upfront, it kind of hits your morale, and then I realized that I need help. I signed up for the Fast Forward program and on Day 0 (Style Makeover), they selected clothes for me, and wow, I looked at the pictures and I can see myself confident there. The video breakdown was an eye-opener – when you see yourself making those mistakes and when you hear yourself downtalking and uptalking. And on Day 3, Edison made me realize that I can do it. I got a couple of numbers. I was confident. I was unstoppable. For the next 6 weeks, he’s keeping me accountable. I’m gonna send him my audio recordings and get feedback on it. 




When I started back in April, I had the crappiest vibe with negative body language. I wasn’t confident at all and I wasn’t social. Edison inspired me and he corrected certain things – halfway through the last Bootcamp session, I started going berserk. I approached like 30 or 40 sets in 15 mins. Then over the 6 weeks of follow-up, Edison suggested that I should do a 30 Day Challenge, and that was the turning point. I started getting numbers consistently and one of these numbers is from a Filipino girl whom I’m seeing right now. Couple months later, I went on an Instant Date with a Mexican girl and I learned a lesson from that, which would come in handy in the Same Day Lay (with an Eastern European girl) a few weeks after that.




I used to game for almost two years by myself, which was very harsh because I didn’t find the right pattern to game. Everyday I’d go home with being super sad – sometimes I even cried which was so weak. I’ve taken bootcamps of other companies and even bought those products. But they’re not useful because I’m not self-correcting myself. And I don’t have a coach who is patient to point out my mistakes, and even spent two hours breaking down my infield footage. During the Bootcamp, the shocking thing is the girls’ reaction to me is totally different from the girls’ reaction before. I’m very happy because I got a lot of results. Gameasy System is very simple and effective. That’s why I strongly recommend you to take the Bootcamp of Edison, because he’s a good coach and very professional.




Before the Bootcamp, I wasn’t day gaming at all. I used to go out at night back in India but I didn’t get any results. First of all, I had the Style Makeover by a Specialist, and she is actually a Model. I was super impressed because she knew everything about styling. Once you’re comfortable with yourself with what you’re wearing, you’d feel confident as well. Day 2 was the most fun day because it also included Night Game, as it’s more about proximity and how you convey yourself. Day 3 was pretty solid, I got number and Instagram closes as well. We also did Infield Breakdown which was super important, because you don’t really get to know your sticking points unless you see them.





Because of covid, I didn’t really have any social life. After covid, I did start going out to approach people but the social anxiety started to kick in a lot. I realized that I do need some help with it and I signed up for the Fast Forward Bootcamp. In the Style Makeover, they introduced me to a Professional Model and she took me to the shopping centre. I bought some good looking clothes and got a sick haircut. On the second day, we went for Night Game with Edison and an Assistant Coach. I got into multiple sets without anyone pushing me for it. I isolated a set for 30 mins through and that boosted my confidence by a lot which was reflected on Day 3. Now I didn’t have any approach anxiety. I could approach people directly and I closed a couple of numbers and this boosted my morale a lot. I suggest you take the Bootcamp.




Edison is one of the best coaches I’ve ever met. He teaches me my body language and the things I have to work on to progress better for the next time. I finally got more number closes and 1 instant date after 3 days of the Bootcamp. The first time when I got into Day Game I couldn’t even get a number close or stop a girl on the street. When I took the Bootcamp, I can stop almost every girl on the street. Looking forward to take his Bootcamp in the future again. Remember, Gameasy.




Bootcamp Details

We have Day Game & Night Game Bootcamps in Downtown Toronto and Montreal (pricing in CAD).

We also offer International Immersions.

Spots are Limited. Apply Today.

Online Coaching

$399 $199

4 Weeks
1 Assessment Call (30 mins)
Weekly Online Calls (30 mins each)
Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

Forward Bootcamp

$1699 $1399

3 Days
3 Day Game Sessions
(1-on-1 & 3 hours each)
Infield Coaching (9 hours)
1 Assessment Call (30 mins)
Belief System Training
Style Makeover (+Photoshoot)
Post-Bootcamp Action Plan
6 Weeks of Follow-Up Coaching
Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

Fast Forward Bootcamp

$2299 $1899

3 Days
3 Day Game Sessions
1 Night Game Session
(1-on-1 & 3 hours each)
Infield Coaching (12 hours)
1 Assessment Call (30 mins)
Belief System Training
Style Makeover (+Photoshoot)
Post-Bootcamp Action Plan
Audio & HD Video Recording (2 sessions)
Bootcamp Footage Breakdown (2 hours)

6 Weeks of Follow-Up Coaching
Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Day Game Bootcamp is specifically tailored to best suit your personal situation regardless of your experience level.

For beginners, you’d be able to establish a core foundation in game while eliminating any common sticking points such as approach anxiety. In fact, you’ll take more action in just one weekend than most guys take in their entire life time.

For seasoned gamers, our program is designed to improve your consistency in getting the types of women you’ve always wanted through mastering the art of instant dates and pulling.

Instead of having a random surprise coach you’ve never heard of, Edison coaches every single Bootcamp to ensure quality.

Instead of having a client to coach ratio of 5:1 or even 3:1, our Bootcamps are always 1:1 to make sure you’ll have the undivided attention.

We have an extensive experience coaching clients whose ages range from 19 – 54. When it comes to transforming your dating life forever, it’s never too early or too late.

We’re currently running our Day Game & Night Game Bootcamps in Downtown Toronto and Montreal. Simply because these big cities both provide a high volume of attractive women from all over the world.

Meaning, you’ll be able to approach more women in just one weekend than you’ve ever approached in your entire life.

P.S. We’re now offering International Bootcamp Immersion. If you aren’t located in Canada, we can fly to your city so you too can transform your dating life. Book a free consultation above for details.

  • 3 Day Forward Bootcamp
    • Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm
  • 3 Day Fast Forward Bootcamp
    • Friday: 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm
    • Saturday: 2 pm – 5 pm (filmed), 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm (footage breakdown), Night Game from 10:30 pm
    • Sunday: 2 pm – 5 pm (filmed), 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm (footage breakdown)

Since there’s a high demand in our program and we only want serious action takers, a $200 CAD deposit is required to secure your Bootcamp timeslot. Payment details will be provided after the initial consultation call.

Yes. We are so confident that you WILL get results from our program. Otherwise just let us know by Day 2 of the Bootcamp and you’ll receive a full refund.

We have transformed a countless number of men with the content and services we provide.

In fact, we are so confident that
you WILL get results with our Bootcamp.

If not?
100% Money Back Guarantee.