9 Ways to Get Any Woman You Desire

Time to boss up. Life is too short otherwise.

Self-confidence is seductive to women.

In fact, more than looks and mannerisms, confidence is the number one factor in getting a woman to hit the sheets with you. 

But don’t worry, man. We’ve got you covered.

Just be mindful of a few things below and you’d be able to unleash the authentic, confident man within you in no time.

1. Walking The Walk

Women first notice the way you’re dressed, and then they notice the way you walk.

Keep in mind that women pay way more attention to the overall vibes and sub-communications compared to men.

So if you look like a hobo or simp, then why would you expect her to even spare a second to look at you?

Wear clothes that actually fit in order to showcase your physique (gym, anyone?). You can even hire a stylist online if needed.

And guess what? Most of the time, confident people don’t hurry. They are chill and composed. That’s why they walk slow and steady, but determined.

Walk with purpose.

2. Eye Contact

Secondly, look her in the eye.

This shows that you have a real interest in her.

Avoiding eye contact suggests that you don’t actually want to talk to her, or you’re intimidated by her beauty.

When she’s talking, don’t break eye contact. And when you’re talking, maintain eye contact at least 70% of the time.

Truly confident men are able to maintain a playful, yet intense eye contact.

Look up google images of George Clooney. Pay attention to his signature gaze.

Then mimic it in front of your washroom mirror everyday. Look at yourself as if you’re looking at a girl lying right next to you in the morning.

Fake it till you make it.

3. Less is More

When you’re complimenting her, keep it realistic.

Over-exaggerate your compliments and she’ll think you’re just reading off a script, and maybe you’re being sarcastic.

Or even worse, by bombarding her with compliments, she’d feel like you’re just another dude who’s supplicating to her simply because she’s hot.

You’re not a subscriber to her OnlyFans, are ya?

Instead, only compliment her when you genuinely feel like it.

When she does or says something you really like, then don’t be afraid to tell her that. Better yet, give her a bit of physicality along with it like a high five, light touch on her shoulder or a quick hug.

Make her work for it.

4. Take It Like a Man

Now speaking of compliments — if the girl gives you one, take it.

Confident men are comfortable receiving compliments. Don’t deflect it, receive it with open arms.

Just smile and say Thank you.

If you deflect a compliment, you reveal insecurity. 

5. The 3 Day What?

Don’t follow the 3 Day Rule.

Text or call her within 24 hours or else she’ll forget about you.

Aim to get her out on a date within 3 days instead.

6. Positive Vibes Only

Keep it positive when you talk about yourself.

Tell her the headlines about yourself. But don’t keep on bragging about you only.

Make sure to get her to open up as well so she can tell you, aka The Boss, what else she got going on besides her looks.

By the way, stay away from politics, religions and war.

Just stick with every girl’s favorite topic: Herself.

Trust me, you can’t go wrong with that.

7. No Interviews Please

When sitting with her, don’t sit directly across. You two aren’t in a boring ass interview.

Instead, sit at a 90 degree angle from her and turn yourself toward her.

Not only would this help reinforce the casual, positive vibes, it’s also more effective to establish the Man-to-Woman frame with some light physicality when you two are sitting closer together.

Again, reward her with your warm touches only after she says something you really like.

You can’t expect the girl to magically fall into your lap if you don’t have the balls to lay a finger on her.

8. Shoot First, Apologize Later

If you know she’s receptive and you want to come inside her apartment, say so. Skip the lame excuse of needing something in there.

If you want to kiss her, then just do it. Don’t ask. You’re not in elementary school anymore bro.

Specifically, kissing is an emotional act. Asking diverts it into the logical mind where it doesn’t belong.

Assume you’d get a yes. Then chances are, you will.

9. Plenty for Everyone

Finally, be secure enough to celebrate her successes.

A man who is jealous or emasculated whenever his girlfriend gets empowered is a man women don’t want.

Research has shown that high-income women want men who are seductive and loving.

And guess what? Confident men understand very well that there’s plenty of opportunities out there for everybody, as long as you have the drive to go after what you truly want.

It takes time to cultivate true confidence.

That being said, hopefully this list helps put you on the right track to becoming a truly confident man that women love.

And remember, Gameasy.