8 Common Insults Women Use on Men

Click away now if you can’t take the heat.

Insults from women can be devastating. 

A lot of guys understandably try to turn their hearing aids off when a woman is insulting them, their friends, or even just other guys.

However, we at Gameasy like to see certain social situations as opportunities and learning experiences if nothing else.

Insults from women are actually worth voluntarily paying attention to, and not (necessarily) for some masochistic fantasy, but because insults actually tell you a lot about what a woman is looking for in a guy.

And guess what? These are the things that she probably won’t directly reference in other conversations.

So when she’s spewing venom, turn your hearing aids up, not down! 

Now the reason for this is simple: we only insult people using measures that we personally care about.

While women are constantly insulted or praised based on their looks, by both men and other straight women, the same standard does not apply to men.

Women do not typically insult or compliment men based solely on their looks. It does happen sometimes, but not nearly as much as it does for women.

Women are much more interested in a man’s behaviour rather than just his physical appearance, but men are often focused on physical appearances and less invested in behaviour.

Obviously it isn’t all black-and-white, and there are exceptions, but this general trend is true in our society to a large extent.

A third dimension of this dynamic is age.

Women basically don’t care about age in men, while men are obsessed with it in women. Their insults towards men are rarely based on age, and again, when it is, it’s probably still linked to some behaviour rather than standing on its own.

This is commonly done towards older men who date younger women. The age itself isn’t the problem, just that it’s combined with the behaviour of dating someone much younger.

Men also degrade women by focusing on the number of men they’ve had sex with. In other words, they slut-shame them.

Again, women do it to each other too. Men don’t get the same treatment though. I’ll elaborate on this soon.

Now before I continue, I just want to point out that the insults women use are specific to them.

Women don’t all want the same things in men. Girls who aren’t as focused on money won’t likely insult a man’s earning power, for example. 

That’s why you need to listen to her unique insults while also keeping an ear open for patterns among many women. It’s also important to note that this article is about insults women use when they don’t know you well.

When a woman knows you well, her insults, in addition to being much more personal, will also probably be tailored to trigger you.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. ” Virgin!!”

If a woman calls a man a virgin, she is suggesting that you have no sexual magnetism with women.

While hurtful, it also reveals that women do care that men are sexually accomplished.

Women don’t typically admit this, but in truth, it’s often a high priority in women’s minds, more so than they may even be aware of consciously.

The truth is, women want men that other women want.

The idea that the guy has sexual prowess over her can be an exciting fantasy for her. Not knowing or sensing that a guy is beloved by many women can be a big turnoff, and vice-versa.

This is true much of the time, but not always. Some women are actually attracted to virgin men, or men who are only slightly sexually seasoned. Such girls probably have a control desire, motivating the attraction, or maybe even some other more obscure reason.

Here at Gameasy, however, our mission is to inspire men to take actions in order to truly become High Value Men. For that reason, try not to give off ‘virgin’ vibes to women, even if you are one.

Every man has felt desired before by women, whether it was a lot or a little. Try to tap into that feeling when you’re gaming.

2. “Pussy!!”

This is the age-old ‘man up!’ shot.

Unfortunately, men don’t really have much of a counterpart for this one — they don’t tell females to ‘woman up!’, although they may pressure a woman to act more feminine.

Men also don’t typically say women are being cowardly, though they may tease them and call them a wuss if they freak out when they see a spider or something.

If they do, though, it’s not exactly a ‘normal’ insult, but it’s very normal if a woman calls a man a sissy or a coward if he is scared of something.

Now if a woman is doubting a man’s masculine nature, she’s showing that she thinks it’s important, which is true for most women.

Be careful though, as she may also be manipulating guys to let her get away with stuff.

3. “Can’t Handle A Woman Like ME!!”

The gist of this insult is that she is too much woman for you.

The flip side of this insult is that she wants a man who is capable of drawing her in and impressing her without trying too hard.

A Superman of sorts, who can handle her worst without getting out of sorts himself and still sweep her off her feet whenever she feels like it.

A man who is in control of himself and can manage her. This is a subtle but important skill that most women set high value to in men.

Most men fail to live up to this standard of capability in managing female energy. Even the ones who come close still miss the mark because relationships take a lot of negotiation.

Even if you’re able to handle a woman’s moods without any issues, it doesn’t mean you’re willing to. You’ll likely need more of an incentive to go beyond capability to actual desire.

If a woman thinks you’re a man who can’t relate to, control, and manage female energy and emotions, then your value in her eyes will drop dramatically.

She loves Superman.

4. “Two-Pump Chump!!”

Another popular diss is the one that says you ejaculate quickly during sex, leaving your woman unsatisfied and looking hard at other men.

Arguably even worse is the insult that says you can’t even get your dick hard for a woman in the first place, due to performance anxiety.

At the core of both is the idea that you can’t please a woman in bed, and this is an important thing for most women, so much so that being good in bed is a great means of keeping a relationship going.

And of course, suggesting your sexual prowess in conversation without being too forward is a great means of getting her in bed in the first place.

Women who don’t lead particularly sexual lifestyles may not care much what you can do in bed or even be able to judge whether you’re good compared to other men.

But once a woman is living such a lifestyle, it will start to pop up in the form of insults which say a man’s dick is soft in bed or ejaculates prematurely.

5. “Stay in Your Mom’s Basement!!”

We’ve already covered several common insults that women use on men, but there are so many more. Another one unrelated to the ones already covered is the affront that a man has no money and is ‘broke’.

This means that he has no means of buying a woman anything luxurious, and may even leech off a woman who gets involved with him. Calling a man broke is saying that he is destitute and can’t take care of himself let alone a woman.

There are ways to prevent a bad financial situation so that it doesn’t repel women, and you can still get girls while being broke and may not even have to lie about it. But for some women, if you don’t have a lot of spending money, there’s no hope between you and her.

Many men have noticed that it’s often women who are/were poor themselves who are most fixated on a man’s earning power.

6. “Mama’s Boy!!”

Calling a man a mama’s boy is a practical way women use to bring a man down.

The implication of being a mama’s boy is that you can’t handle decisions and behaviour that are on the level of a grown man. It infantilizes a man to the point where he seems like a soyboy.

The implication is that any woman who gets involved with a mama’s boy will be perceived as the second mom.

You see the power of insults to paint a picture? Most of us are so busy dodging insults or getting butthurt about them, when they actually show you a lot more information than you may think.

If you remain unreactive and withstand the hurt feelings, you can learn a lot about yourself and the girl when she is insulting you.

When a woman calls you a mama’s boy, she’s revealing that she wants men who are leaders and wants them bad. She wants a man who respects his mom while being completely independent.

She wants a man who has matured and found his own paths. She doesn’t want a man who is led by his mom or anyone else. Beyond this, though, some of these women still want to have influence over their men.

Like more mature women? We got you fam.

7. “Chauvinist!!”

Being called a misogynist or a chauvinist or a man with ‘toxic masculinity’, whatever term gets used nowadays for being a gender bigot, at the root of the insult is the idea that the guy is a hater.

Sometimes women misinterpret a man’s passion for women as misogyny. However, there definitely are a lot of men out there who don’t like women as a group, and who resent them, mistrust them, and are bitter at them.

MGTOW anyone?

Now when this insult is brought up, the guy is being associated with such men, whether he deserves it or not. People generally avoid those who are often negative and bitter people. It’s usually not considered an attractive quality.

If a woman is using the woman-hater insult, it probably shows that she places high value on men who aren’t bitter and can stop and smell the roses.

Either that, or she could be one of those women who see chauvinism everywhere for almost no reason at all. This goes back to what I said in an earlier point about manipulation tactics. Sometimes, that’s all an insult is—a dirty power play, with no truth behind it.

Finally, it’s worth noting that misery does love company.

Negative girls might be hot for negative guys, and find the more upbeat guys insufferable.  And some positive girls might get a huge kick out of a guy’s cynicism.

Sometimes it’s the angry, bitter guy who gets the girl — but don’t count on it.

8. “Loser!”

Last but not least, this is a scathing affront that women use. Men get called losers for all kinds of reasons.

Any failure can be reframed into a stepping stone on a greater path, but to avoid being called the L word, some women will demand that you demonstrate some kind of achievement.

You may need to get creative to reframe your struggles as successes, because if you are framed as someone who is constantly losing, you’ll repel basically every woman.

In many cases though, a woman just wants to see that you’ve won something, and isn’t that concerned about what exactly it is.

Women’s verbal jabs might seem hurtful or unfair, but the insults reveal what a lot of women really care about but are often too shy to admit.

The categories they use to insult a man show what their priorities are in men.

Insults are designed to inflict damage, not educate, but if you find-tune your hearing, they can become nothing else but valuable lessons for yourself.

And remember, Gameasy.