8 Annoying Things Girls Do When They’re Interested

She hates you? Nah bro, she loves you.

Not every woman is classy. Some are crassy instead.

It’s totally realistic that a girl might be showing her interest in you in a downright obnoxious or rude manner.

At the end of the day though, it’s still interest. So you might as well take advantage of it.

Funny story — so I was recently out with some American women and one of them obviously had the hots for me. Then, lo and behold, she started yapping with her girls within ear-shot of all the guys she would smash.

Now I found this distasteful. It’s hard to put up with greasy behaviour like this.

But you know what, I knew that she was probably putting on a show to indirectly signal to me that she’s DTF.

Sometimes, due to a temporary or more permanent absence of class, a woman may have no better way to communicate her availability to me.

As long as she’s giving other Indicators of Interest of IOI’s, then her vulgar behaviour is almost definitely a sign of attraction too.

Sounds confusing? No worries man, we’ll go over 8 different examples of crassy things girls would do to try to express their interest in you.

Now you may find them undignified, but if you adapt, you can use them to your advantage.

1. She Brags About Getting Smashed

There’s lots of ways girls will talk about this kind of thing.

– Talking about how big a whore they are due to their sexual history
– Complaining that guys pump and dump her
– Complaining about how guys (with tiny shlong) sucked in bed for whatever reason
– Talking about how they have to bang a new guy every so often

Doing these things can really kill the fantasy you might have for a girl. She may seem basic now.

But if you give her the benefit of the doubt, and find a way to still respect her, then you could be in for some high quality sex.

And you know what? These kinds of displays could be a massive green light instead of the boner-killer for a surprising number of guys.

2. Girls Who Interrupt / Correct You Too Much

Sometimes when you’re with a bunch of people, a certain kind of girl will show up in your face over and over, interrupting, correcting, and talking over you.

Annoying as it is, it’s probably her little way of getting your attention on her, instead of all the other girls.

Girls in this state are usually also in a co-morbid state of automatic rejection, due to various insecurities. For this reason, she will be snarky with you, and dismissive, unless you manage to raise your attainability in her eyes.

If you do manage this, she’d probably do a 180 and become nice to you and she may even fall for you.

Whether you want a woman who who will stoop to this level, is entirely up to you. I ain’t judging bro. I’m just informing you here so you’d understand what’s going on when you see it. 

3. Girls Accusing Men as Nasty Pigs

When girls do this sort of shit around you, they are trying to get you all triggered.

They may want a debate, or they may just want to get your focus on them, so they can smash you.

I would advise against qualifying yourself by trying to prove to her that you’re not a pig. You’d lose the frame and also her interest along the way. So I suggest engaging in banter with her instead.

Take her statement that men are pigs and sarcastically exaggerate it way out of proportion.

Talk about how we’re all nasty, filthy, disgraceful, yadda yadda yadda. You’re agreeing with her, but really you’re mocking her.

Alternatively, you can be her psychiatrist. Using a clinical voice in Downtalk, ask her how her last boyfriend hurt her.

A bit of absurdity can usually spin her into a different frame of conversation with you, and this can lead all the way to the bedroom. And then you could be the REAL nasty piggie to her…

4. “Hey are you gay?”

This has happened to me once in a while.

A girl would be really into me, and then start asking me if I’m gay. This is in spite of how I really don’t give off much of a gay vibe.

Still, this is a symptom of attraction, because it involves her probing into your sexuality.

The problem with giving her a direct answer is it takes away some of your mystery, and if you don’t answer, you run the risk of auto-rejection.

The best way I’ve handled this is to tease her for a while, and then ‘answer’ her by making a move.

Just because actions speak louder than words.

However you handle it, just know that she wouldn’t ask if she wasn’t interested.

5. “I’m SO Done with Dating!”

This one is similar to #3 above, such that she’s inviting you to come ‘change her mind’. Meaning, she’s trying to bait you into falling under her frame.

A lot of guys lose interest when she says this because they think they’d be, at best, another regret.

But what she’s really doing is indicating her availability to you, because if she’s done with dating, that must mean she isn’t already with someone else.

She’s saying that she is frustrated and needs a good man to steal the show and renew her faith.

You could be THAT man.

6. She Rolls Her Eyes A Lot, But Lingers

Rolling your eyes is supposed to indicate dismissal.

If someone rolls their eyes at you a lot, then they probably aren’t going to enjoy your company. They’ll be looking for an exit.

However, if she eye-rolls hard, but doesn’t leave, it means she likes you.

Now even though eye-rolling might not be a good behaviour per se, it could simply be a defense mechanism because she just likes you too much for her own comfort. 

7. “OMG I Need to Get Laid NOW!”

This tactic is usually more about seeking attention rather than actual romance.

Nonetheless, if she is combining this move with other Indicators of Interest, or you’re already dating this girl, then this move is normally just about her communicating sexual openness to you.

However, just because she is saying she is DTF right now, doesn’t mean she is literally at the present moment.

It may be more of an intellectual sort of arousal, where she knows she wants to smash, but isn’t actually all that horny right now.

If that’s the case, then she’s counting on YOU to get her turned on.

8. She Sniffs, Snorts, and Huffs When You Talk To Other Girls

These girls are like the girls from earlier who interrupt you, except they don’t make a scene.

Instead they will just sigh and harrumph until you finally pay attention to them.

To get her, use the same strategy you should use on interrupters — build attainability.

Convince her that she really can get a guy like you.

Do this, and she’ll sweeten for you.

Now If you’re a classy guy, you will probably think obnoxious and crass behaviours are Indicators of Disinterest, or IOD’s. This is because that’s what you might do if you were repulsed by someone.

However, not everyone is classy and upstanding like you. And not everyone is dignified all the time.

A crassy person will do very different and opposite things for attention than a civilized one. And just because she’s hot doesn’t mean she can’t be sloppy.

There are many courtship rituals that have elements that are disturbing, rough, and argumentative.

There’s a whole world of ‘classless courtship’ out there whether you like it or not, so you might as well learn to handle it like a pro.

And remember, Gameasy.