7 Tips to Turbocharge Your Game

Buckle up, players. It’s gonna be a wild ride…

Being able to seduce women is an invaluable skill but it takes up a lot of time to master it.

Over the years, new strategies and methods are learned and applied, and skills get sharpened like a pair of hockey skates.

Many are learned naturally through experience, and are hard to describe or quantify, but that doesn’t make them any less real.

Others are more concrete, and since this is an article meant to provide concrete advice, I’m about to give you seven tips to unlock the seduction artist within you.

1. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

We all have other things to attend to in life, and it can be hard to go out consistently whether it’s day game or night game or both.

What happens is that guys go out all day here, all night there, but never hitting a steady rhythm because it’s too sporadic.

You can’t master any skills this way, because it doesn’t give the brain enough time and focus to internalize the patterns. To really learn something on a deep level, you need to immerse yourself in doing it.

The problem is, how do you find the time?

I recommend going out and game everyday, but not for a long time. Even if it’s just for ten minutes, be sure to do it daily.

You set time for the gym, right? Good. Now do the same for the game.

Consistency leads to better, stronger neural pathways than someone who might game for a long time but only sporadically. This is because consistency carries the extra value of momentum which will turbocharge your game.

Keep gaming, players.

2. Positive Visualization

This involves asking yourself beforehand what the day game/night game session will be like.

What vibe will you put out? Will you warm up quick or slow? Answer all these questions positively and try to get hyped for the day or night ahead.

Another good visualization is to ask yourself just what it is that you want out of game? Are you looking for a girlfriend? A one night stand? The love of the game?

Figure it out before you start gaming, not during.

3. Observe The Higher-Ups

In any field, it’s always wise to respect those who are more advanced than you are, instead of being a hater. You can learn and soak up so much useful knowledge from the experts.

It’s good to read online articles such as this one, and watch pickup channels on YouTube such as GameasyTV, but some things can only be learned through direct in-person observations.

Hanging out with local pickup guys is a good way to go, but the best option is to hire an experienced dating coach.

When you do this, try to put yourself in the head of whoever you’re observing. Remember his words, body language, and the girls’ reactions.

Observational learning is potent and underestimated, so keep your eyes, ears and most importantly, your mind open.

4. Journal

If you’re the type of student who benefits a lot from taking notes, then having a journal will also benefit your game.

Look at it as documenting and reliving the past day/night sessions through the power of words on paper/screen.

Don’t just record what happened — analyze it too. Specifically, write down what you did right, what you did wrong, your sticking points and the action items for the next session.

A nice technique you can use to organize your writing is to divide it between what you did externally vs. how you felt internally. Keep a log of both. Then ask what you could have done better to improve, again both internally and externally.

Think about it, the game is essentially a social experiment. So be scientific about it.

Science, bitch.

5. Sleep On It

Adequate sleep gives your subconscious time to understand what went on between you and the girls since the last time you slept.

A rested mind can learn and apply better than a sleep-deprived one. Not only that, but sleep is especially critical for learning seduction. No matter how hard you try, if you’re not sleeping right, you won’t have nearly as much success with women.

Sleep applies to performance and retention in a major way, in addition to affecting mood and a whole menu of other things. A girl will like you better if you never forget her name.

So go hit the sack before you hit the sack with a girl.

6. Challenge Accepted

It’s important that what you do in game is appropriately challenging.

If what you practice is too easy, then you never make progress. You become permanently mediocre. If you push yourself too hard, way beyond your know-how and skill, then you’d become overwhelmed and get all burned out.

An example of something that is too easy would be just saying hi to girls and moving on, on repeat. Too hard would be trying to pull a cold-approach reverse gangbang despite having minimal gaming experience.

One way of making sure you make progress is to focus on just one sticking point at a time for a whole week, or even a month, and not caring about the rest. Once you have completely overcome it, then and only then you can move on to the next sticking point.

Sounds counter-intuitive, I know. But when you limit what it is you have to improve, you improve your chances of improving it.

Do your best, and forget the rest.

You feel me?

7. Switch Off Your Phone

Deep concentration is mandatory if you’re going to learn a lot from your gaming escapades. Focus on the task at hand. That means no phone watching, even just a glance.

Put that shit on airplane mode.

Get to work to make the most of your time out with the ladies. That’s how you tunnel down to the deep flow level that is like rocket fuel for learning and gaming.

This goes back to what I said earlier about endurance. You won’t pick up momentum if you’re always dipping in and out of the scene.

Every time you have to restart and refocus yourself, you are depleting energy that could have been applied to the ladies if you hadn’t broken your concentration in the first place.

Laser in on your focus instead of scattering it all over the place.

These were seven practical tips to help you succeed in your gaming adventures.

The rest you’ll have to learn in the field.

And remember, Gameasy.