9 Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Day Game

common mistakes
Wanna get girls? Then get rid of the following mistakes first.

If you think that only you have problems with day game, then guess what, you’re not alone.

Men often make the same mistakes that destroy all the odds they have when it comes to proper communication with beautiful girls on the street.

Do you want to meet your future girlfriend and not put yourself to a grinding halt at the sight of her cute face? Then read this article carefully. 

Basically, just do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Simple enough? Good.

So, the 9 MOST common mistakes men make when approaching:

  1. Apologizing
  2. Interview Mode
  3. Asking for Permissions
  4. Asking for Contacts Right Away
  5. Demonstrating Your Insecurity
  6. Neglecting Your Body Language
  7. Not Believing in Yourself
  8. Giving Up Too Easily
  9. Being Needy 

Mistake #0: Putting Women on the Pedestal

Now let’s start from mistake #0.

Insecure men place women above themselves. This is obviously the wrong place to be, because women don’t want to have anything to do with such a guy, except to wipe their feet on him.

Mistake #1: Apologizing

 “Sorry, can I please talk to you?” – commonly asked by those who are unsure of themselves.

You definitely won’t attract girls like that. And guess what, as soon as you beg for her number, like a dog, then you will sleep with her for sure.

Just joking, man.

Instead, start treating a girl as if you are 100% confident in your actions, even if you are not.

Mistake #2: Interview Mode

Remember, the initial approach is not an interrogation or interview.

Most of the time, you only got 5-7 minutes to game her. Why waste this precious time on boring ass questions?

Better yet, turn these mundane interview questions into statements by playing the Guessing Game.

Quick example: turn “where are you from” into “Hmm let me guess, you have a small town girl vibe so you must be from XX”

If you guess it right, she’d be impressed. Even if you guess it wrong, she’d still be dying to find out the reason behind your (highly) educated guess.

Last I checked, game show hosts get laid way more often than boring ass interviewers. 

Mistake #3: Asking for Permissions

Don’t ask. Just do it. 

Examples: walk straight up to her and say hi, meet and go sit down next to her and start a conversation, tell her to follow you on Instagram rather than asking for her Instagram (Read: most likely she’ll never follow you back).

Girls are used to seeing only soy boys roaming around, so you can stand out from the crowd with your confidence.

Mistake #4: Asking for Contacts Right Away

“Hi you’re cute. Umm can please I have your number??“

Hmm OK… but the girl probably doesn’t even understand what you need her number for. Maybe you will call her in the middle of the night after triple texting her with no reply?

So before you get her number, propose a casual yet fun activity that both of you can do next time. To grab a coffee or bubble tea, go for a walk by the lake or have a drink on the patio, etc.

Then and only then, you can ask for her number.

Mistake #5: Demonstrating Your Insecurity

Am I too short? Am I too ugly? Am I too fat? Am I too poor?

Am I this and am I that…

Stop. Please just stop bro.

To successfully attract a girl, you must think positively and act with confidence. And this is only possible when you truly believe in yourself!

Pump up your masculine energy and confidence by just staying in the present with the girl.

At Gameasy Bootcamps, we will teach you everything you need to know so you can be the BEST version of yourself, in order for you to meet and date your dream girls.

Mistake #6: Neglecting Your Body Language

Studies have consistently shown that, about 80% of communication comes from body language, and only 20% comes from words.

Meaning, it’s not what you say, but HOW you say it.

So anything you say when meeting a girl should correspond to your body language. Then she will have a full-fledged picture of you.

Alpha body language, aka proper gestures, strong eye contact, Down Talk and dominant posture, will greatly enhance your delivery.

This is exactly how you can consistently get girls attracted to you, without you even saying a word.

Mistake #7: Not Believing in Yourself

Now this is THE most important point on the entire list!

Without faith in yourself, it doesn’t matter what you say to the girl when you approach her, she will most likely decline your advances.

Girls are good at feeling the energy and vibe that men radiate. So even before you open your mouth, you have to absolutely believe that, without a shred of doubt, she WILL be attracted to you.

Because deep down, you KNOW that you are The Boss.

The very first thing that you need to have is true confidence in yourself, followed by your game.

Mistake #8: Giving Up Too Easily

In every cold approach, there is one stage at which 80% of the guys are cut off – the shit test stage.

Even if you are a super cool guy, the girl needs to be sure that you are not some sneaky pick up artist who just collects numbers.

So she could tell you that she is in a huge rush, her hands are frozen, brains are rusted, her dog is dying, or whatever.

Just stay unreactive. And chill.

Then use humour, energy and wits. So she’s in a hurry eh? Cool, you say that you gotta go too, so you put down your number on her phone, throw yourself a call real quick.


Mistake #9: Being Needy

An alpha male with high self-esteem does not ask, and even more so does not beg for a number, a date, or sex.

He just acts and achieves. 

Naturally, you shouldn’t force the girl to do anything. But you shouldn’t constantly give her unlimited choices either. 

In a healthy relationship, from the very first second, the man should be in charge! Deep down, most women want to be led by high value men.

The main thing is to show her that you are THE man who is able to take her hand and lead her.

Once you get rid of these 9 common mistakes, then trust me, you’ll start seeing drastic improvement in your dating life.

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And remember, Gameasy.