6 Traits of Highly Seductive People

She’s been waiting for you…

Don’t you wish to get more of what you want in life?

Of course, the power of seduction can be used to gain money, power, and sex.

Everyone has the power to use seduction, but many don’t have a very clear idea of what that actually entails.

To seduce means to tempt, enchant, engage. The negative form of it is that it can be perceived as shallow and disingenuous.

The power of seduction means getting what you want without using force or dishonesty. They are like sweet smelling flowers drawing in honey bees.

1. Sex

Being seductive will almost always lead to more sex.

The problem with being a seductive person is that it can lead to a lot of drama if you’re out seducing half the city.

Many people, once they’re involved with you, will become possessive and won’t appreciate your seductive personality anymore, at least not when it comes to other people.

2. Money

Seduction isn’t just about sex and romance, it’s also about cold hard cash.

Just because there’s money involved doesn’t mean people aren’t still susceptible to being seduced into giving you more money than they otherwise would.

That promotion could be yours if you manage to seduce the right people into giving it to you. Beyond corporate ladder-climbing and sales techniques, con artists are also master seducers.

3. Fame

Seduction can have mass appeal and help you gain you fame as an actor, musician, or influencer of some kind. Even scientists can use seduction to get fame.

People become fans and fans become loyal, demanding a constant stream of you. Many have gone this path, and many more have gone the path of seducing famous people.

Now it’s your turn to shine.

4. Power

In the hierarchies of power, those well-equipped in seduction rise faster and fall slower than ordinary folks.

The ability to lead others while also building rapport with them inevitably leads strong seducers into higher positions in organizations of all types.

Not only are people more willing to go along with your requests, but they’re also more willing to come to you with opportunities. People want to join forces with a seductive person.

And guess what? Regardless of what gets said “officially”, most employers will hire someone whom they know personally over someone else who is more qualified but less known to them.

A little familiarity goes a long way, and using some form of seduction is one of the quickest ways to build familiarity with others.

We see this trend everywhere, especially in politics, when celebrities with zero government experience can still get elected to high political office by relying on the familiarity the public has with them. 

It all comes down to being a joy to interact with. It’s all in the little intangible things that fall into the category of seduction.

5. Charisma

Charisma originates from the Latin term for divine favour or divine gift. 

God-given or not, charisma can be learned. It’s the power bill to enchant others through subtle actions or words they find beautiful.

If someone makes new friends quickly, they probably have high charisma.

They can control opinions and win arguments without making enemies. They may be handsome but they can even be ugly and still use charisma to their advantage. Charisma isn’t really about looks.

6. Confidence

Practicing seduction is a great way to build self-confidence. These two things are mutually reinforcing. 

Now imagine someone goes blind suddenly. At first, navigating the world would seem impossible, because they would have no experience of moving without seeing.

But the thing is, with experience and practice, their movements would become a lot more confident. That’s what confidence is — experience + skills.

If you practice seduction, not only will you seduce more confidently with time, but your growing seductiveness will lead to even greater self-confidence in general.

You got this.

Seduction is a great way to go through life, but it’s not the answer to everything.

It needs to be deployed strategically, when the situation calls for it.

Otherwise, you could gain a reputation for being shallow, dumb or manipulative. You may encounter benevolent seducers or con artist seducers, but either way, they will both use many of the same tactics, just for different ends.

So when you meet a seducer, take notes.

A skill in seduction can enhance your sex life but also your life in general. Being seductive involves tailoring your body language and mindsets so that you make yourself more desirable to others.

Now one of the most effective ways to quickly improve your seductive skills is to take a Bootcamp with a professional dating coach.

In fact, most of our clients have been able to drastically improve their dating life with our customized program, as the results speak for themselves.

With practice and proper guidance, you can surpass your wildest expectations.

And remember, Gameasy.