6 Steps to Prepare Yourself for the Game

She’s ready for you… But are YOU ready?

Being prepared is often half the battle. Being prepared AND being in a good state will get you ready to win the battle.

And today I’ll give you a complete road map to get you prepared for the game.

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s talk about the proper mindset you should have prior to hitting the streets.

Now you might have heard of the importance of internal state control. Before we go out, we need to take control of our emotional state. The proper state depends on factors like your personality and the type of game that you want to implement (energetic, smooth, flirty, etc).

If you’re not sure what ‘vibe’ you’re going for, it’s possible you need to game more to find out, or put in work with a professional dating coach. It’s better to have these things figured out, because it’ll make you more prepared and much more likely to succeed.

And guess what? Preparation doesn’t always have to be a lot of work.

Here’s a quick little exercise that will get you prepared. First of all, think about the last pickup you had that succeeded. Reflect on the expressions that were on your faces, the words you spoke, etc.

Now go over all the little details and identify what overall ‘state’ you were in. This is probably an appropriate state for you to slip into now.

Once you get an idea of how to prepare and what state is ideal for you, you can start looking into the specifics. The following three steps have helped me and my clients prepare for gaming.

1. Do You Even Lift?

We all know how exercise can make us more alert.

The reason why a quick workout may be better for gaming than a long one is that you run the risk of tiring yourself out with long workouts. So I like to work out intensely just to a point when I feel energized and alert.

It gets the blood flowing, tightens muscles, and gets rid of chaotic ‘nervous’ energy, making you more smooth with ladies due to your enhanced testosterone levels.

A good starting point is P90X3 which only takes about 30 mins a day for a quick, intense workout.

No more excuses bro.

2. Be Icy

I love to take a cold shower right after my pre-game workout.

Similar to a P90X3 workout, a cold shower will slightly shock your central nervous system, so that it can better handle the interactions with women later.

Simply put, an icy shower gives you an icy mindset.

Because if you can plow through the discomfort in the shower, you can certainly plow through any anxiety or resistance in the field.

If the cold shower is too intense, try starting on warm and slowly making it cold, or as cold as you can handle. With time, though, you should try to start them cold, which is by far the most impactful way to go about it.

3. Be Zen

We begin with the body and end with the mind.

This is because when our bodies are under control, our minds become easier to control.

Mind over matter is real, but only to a point. The rest of the time, it’s mind after matter. Handle the material before you tackle the mental.

Meditation can result in anxiety reduction, clarity, more sexual confidence, and better body image, which are all relative to gaming.

After the cold shower, take 5 or 10 minutes to meditate, making yourself totally present and aware of the feelings inside you at this very moment.

Meditating will bring you into The Game Zone and allow you to reflect on the state you need to be in to game effectively. Bring that ideal state to the forefront of your mind and try to recreate that feeling again in the present.

These three pre-game steps will undoubtedly make a positive impact on your game. It doesn’t stop there, though. Most guys need to customize and supplement their preparation steps to really hit the mark.

Now if you want to be extra-prepared, you’ll have to go even further. Here’s some more tips that can push you to the next level.

4. Green Tea

A cup of green tea after meditation really takes me to a new level of serenity, while giving me an extra energy boost.

And guess what? Green tea contains a chemical called theanine, and studies have shown that such chemical can help reduce mental stress and improve cognition.

That being said, you want to be chill when you game.

5. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.

Have you ever noticed how after watching a movie/show can make you behave like the characters in your real life?

I know I have. It’s as if the character’s essence has rubbed off on you.

This is because of the power of visualizing.

Try to work this into your meditation. Focus on a character you like, and meditate on how he moves and communicates.

This is known as Deep Trance Identification, and it’s something actors do to prepare for roles.

6. All I Do is Win

The testosterone boost from a win earlier in the day will make it easier to win later.

So another step in preparation is to set yourself up for small wins throughout the day to put you into a momentum-based feedback loop of winning.

Before hitting the streets, try doing something you’re good at, like playing darts or the guitar.

These little wins will help you generate future wins.

Remember, it’s all about the momentum.

So there you have it, a complete road map with 3 core steps followed by 3 supplemental steps.

These are workout, cold shower, meditation, followed by green tea, role visualization, and using the power of small wins to create an upward spiral for you to keep winning.

The wise prepare. Be a wise guy out there, and keep gaming.