6 Reasons Why You Delay Approaching Girls

Tomorrow -> Next Week -> Next Month -> Next Year -> NEVER

Over the last 10 years, I’ve heard it all when it comes to reasons (or excuses) why guys procrastinate in approaching girls.

Ironically, they all wanted to get laid fast.

But before they gave up on game for good, they all had a few things in common…

They would approach only once a week, while spending the rest of the week enthusiastically discuss pickup theories and self-help philosophy on forums or Whatsapp groups.

Oh, they’d even drop some academic thesis about pickup in the comment section of my youtube channel. And obviously, it ended up improving my video algorithm much more than their dating life.

Funny thing is that I’d bump into them often when I’m running bootcamps. I see them doing laps around the mall and approach maybe 1 girl after a 2 hour lap time.

After all these years, I’ve come to a realization that we can only help those who want to help themselves.

Nowadays, whenever I hear another excuse from one of these procrastinators, I’d simply nod, smile and walk away.

But the fact you’re reading this article, shows that you’re ready to help yourself.

So now without any further ado, let’s debunk all these excuses once and for all.

1. Analysis Paralysis

Most guys fantasize about being the James Bond of game, like what they see in Hollywood movies.

They think that they must discover all the pickup theories and answers to every single possible hypothetical social scenario made up in their head, before actually putting themselves out there and approaching.

And when they finally muster the courage to approach, they’d get stuck in their head due to analysis paralysis.

Sorry to pop your bubble, but this perfect “Bond game” simply doesn’t exist.

In other words, “perfectionist” is just a fancy way to describe non-action takers.

Instead, you need to find a balance. Study the theories a bit, and then actually practice what you learned by talking to girls in real life.

And guess what? The guy who learns zero theory but goes out everyday is going to be a lot better than the guy who studies theory everyday but only goes out once per week.

A good rule of thumb is that for every hour you spend studying pickup, you need to spend 2 hours gaming in the field.

2. Future Projection

I know how scary it could be for a beginner to approach a random girl. I’ve been there many times…

Now if you think about it, the root cause of this anxiety mostly stems from your (unrealistic) projection of the future.

Basically you might be worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet.

For example, what if the random people around me think I’m a creep? Or what if she rejects me right away and then slaps me in the face? Or what if her boyfriend or husband pops up from the bush and beats me up? Or what if I get locked up by the mall cop?

These fears can be paralyzing, but they’re usually based on a lack of knowledge about what will actually happen.

Remember that the best way to overcome the fear is to face the fear.

Once you actually approach, you’ll realize none of what you thought would happen actually happened. Not even remotely close in any sense.

So go out there and approach that cute girl, even if it feels scary. You might be surprised by how much you can learn and grow from the experience.

That being said, I’d highly recommend daily meditation to develop a calm, grounded mindset.

3. The Game = The 9-5

Girls just want to have fun.

And if you ain’t having fun, they can sense it right away.

Most guys give up on game after a couple months because they expected to get laid fast, which in turn made them see game as yet another job just to get there.

Look, the game is called the game for a reason. It ain’t the work or the 9-5.

So if you ain’t having fun playing the game, then what’s the point bro?

Now you can make game more fun by gaming with a wingman and having a laugh without taking anything personal.

Trust me, you can always find something funny about every single rejection.

We’re all gonna die one day. So don’t take life too seriously.

4. Being a Couch Potato

Simply put, most procrastinators are lazy.

I know sometimes it can be tough to find the motivation to get going, especially when you’re feeling down or lacking energy.

But you must overcome this. Otherwise, you can easily slip into a depressive rut. Once you’ve lost all momentum, it can be damn near impossible to get back on track. 

Don’t worry man, there are ways to overcome it.

One thing that might help is finding a support system – friends who can give you a push when you need it. But ultimately, the strength to keep going has to come from within.

The best way to get strong mentally is to get strong physically.

So go for a run, hit the gym, play a sport or follow a home workout program like P90X.

Remember, work out before you head out.

5. Not a Habit

Motivation is bullshit.

It’s nothing more than a fleeting emotion that comes and goes.

Let me ask you this: do you need to feel motivated and hyped in order to pick up a toothbrush every morning?

Hopefully not. You just pick it up without even thinking about it, because it’s a habit. It’s become part of you.

I want you to approach game the same way.

Make pickup a habit by removing any emotions out of it. Meaning, pickup is just what you do on a regular basis.

So set a dedicated game time the same way you set a dedicated gym time. When it’s game time, you just go out and game.

Have a laser focus when you game with your phone on airplane mode.

Studies have shown that it takes around 30 days to form a solid habit. In fact, you’d know it’s become your habit when you feel weird NOT doing it.

Fuck motivation. Stay consistent.

6. I Suck

Learning new skills can be tough.

It’s normal to feel discouraged or frustrated when you struggle, but it’s important to remember that with time and practice, you can and will get better.

Most people overestimate what they could do in 3 months, but underestimate what they could achieve in 3 years.

So if you’re feeling like you’re not very good at game, don’t give up just yet. Go out and keep practicing as much as you can and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Of course, if you want to drastically cut down your learning curve and avoid months or even years of trials and errors, then feel free to reach out to us for a Free Consultation.

As shown on our channel, my clients could consistently destroy approach anxiety in just 3 days.

And so can you.

We’ve debunked 6 reasons or excuses when it comes to approach procrastination.

Now you might be doing at least one of these currently.

If so, then stop wasting your life away, get out there and start gaming!

And remember, Gameasy.