5 Ways to Improve Your Success with Women

Want a girlfriend? Then read on.

There could be various things about you that are hurting your dating life. But here are 5 key ones that are actually pretty easy to improve upon.

Minor adjustments can make big differences. Through the years, I’ve noticed that guys have universal sticking points, aka blind spots which, when made aware of and corrected for, can be game changers with women.

Enough preamble, let’s get right into it.

1. Vocal Tonality

Watch your vocal intonation so that it doesn’t seem hesitant and unsure.

Doubtful intonation, aka Uptalk, makes your tonality sound like it’s a question that you don’t really care what the answer is to.

Through a hesitant voice, you’re communicating that you want them to like you but you aren’t giving them concrete reasons beyond your desire to be liked.

The uncertain sound of your voice says that you want something and you’re not being sincere to get it. You’re just taking wild guesses as to what you think will get you liked, rather than being real.

In fact, if you want to have a clear idea of how you sound like when you game, record yourself. Use the voice memo app on your phone or buy a voice recorder on Amazon.

When you go back home, listen back to the recordings and analyze your sets, with a specific focus on your vocal tonality.

Simply because if you don’t know what you suck at, then you’ll keep sucking.

Remember, your voice is like your signature. It’s part of who you are. So don’t try to change it too much, or it’ll sound fake and forced.

But in a general way, try to speak deeply and confidently with Downtalk.

Basically before speaking, you want to take a quick breath through your mouth, and then speak on the exhale. That’s how you can speak from the diaphragm with much more power and resonance to your voice.

Anyway don’t make it more complicated than that, at least not at first. Just run that filter over your words, and watch as girls take more notice of you.

If you find that you keep losing track of your voice, and speaking in a way that seems insincere to women, then you may need to get a coach involved — a dating coach, or a vocal coach.

2. Posture

Women think height is hot, so be sure to maximize your posture.

Beyond just for height purposes, it’s important not to slouch. Slouching suggests a defensive pose. On the other hand, standing up straight, with your chest out, and shoulders back, suggests confidence.

Now imagine there are 3 hooks attached to both of your shoulder blades and the back of your head. An imaginary hot girl (that you hooked up with) has hooked up ropes to all 3 of these hooks. And now she’s pulling the ropes tight in an effort to pull you back in bed.

But you say “No, I gotta go.”

So you keep on walking confidently with those ropes pulling back for the rest of your adventurous journey.

Sounds poetic/practical, doesn’t it?

Good posture not only shows off your physique, but it shows that you have control.

In fact, a video is worth roughly 69,000 words. Check out this infield breakdown with a sexy MILF on our youtube channel, so you can get the full picture of what an Alpha Body Language looks like.

3. The Game Zone

The Game Zone is what happens when you overcome both your approach anxiety and your resistance.

In this zone, you become funny and smooth with the ladies with literally zero conscious efforts.

Now the thing is that it’s rather tricky to get there and most guys just give up before truly experiencing it. You have to beat approach anxiety and resistance to know what it’s all about.

Only then will you be able to Gameasy.

4. Momentum

Momentum is powerful, and it is not present in stationary objects as per the law of physics.

Without momentum, action is difficult, but with it, it is inevitable.

To pick up momentum, you must first overcome resistance on your own, and by this I mean your own inner resistance. So often the hardest approaches are the ones where your mind is elsewhere, and ‘cold’ when it comes to gaming.

But after a few approaches, momentum starts to generate, and the brain starts to make it happen, because it’s ‘warmed up’.

Momentum can be gathered by acting like a snowball rolling down the mountain, picking up mass and energy as it goes.

Be like that snowball by talking to your barista, your waitress, or your interior decorator. Talk to any women around.

Train yourself to do direct Day Game approaches, because these are great for momentum building.

5. Mindset

Second only to overcoming approach anxiety is your mindset.

It’s from your mindset that you’ll find the will to really sincerely try to pick a girl up. Arguably the biggest effect of hiring an experienced dating coach comes from me giving you the permission to properly hit on women.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

I give you permission to break through a system of social norms meticulously programmed to NOT have your best interests in mind. Once you’ve done that, then momentum and desire can carry you the rest of the way. 

To get into the proper mindset, try repeating positive affirmations to yourself on a daily basis.


– I love women, and women love me.
– I truly deserve an awesome dating life.
– Life is too short to not go for what I want.

Also whenever you see yourself in the washroom mirror, smile and give yourself a big thumbs up.

Trust me, all these small little things add up over time. After a while you’ll hone in and craft the positive self-esteem which will help you crush it in all aspects of your life.

Control your tonality, posture, The Game Zone, momentum, and mindset — and you’ll Gameasy.