4 Myths About Women Men Believe

Time to bust them myths…

Women are mythical creatures.

Well, at least that’s what most men believe.

You can’t really blame them because they tend to be inexperienced. Besides, they have been socially conditioned by mainstream media like TV shows or movies and cultural values.

But myths are just myths. They ain’t real.

And guess what? If these men would just go out there more often and talk to enough women in real life, sooner or later they’d come to the same realization outlined below.

So now without any further ado, let’s bust the top 4 myths about women, once and for all.

1. All Women Hate Hookups

Most men believe most women are not down for casual hookups.

They believe that the type of girl that hooks up on the first date or has a one night stand with a man they barely know are just huge sluts.

They believe that men have to wine and dine women for at least 2-3 dates so they can get a quick peck on the lips.

Meanwhile in real life, a seasoned gamer rolls by and meets your dream girl on the street. One thing leads to another, she ends up going home with him the same day.

“What u talking about bro? My dream girl would NEVER do that!”

Um… yeah, sure buddy. Whatever makes you sleep at night.

The truth is that most women at one point in their life have had a casual encounter with someone they found irresistible.

“But… I’m not that type of girl.” That’s what she said.

Look, women would feed you this lie because they don’t want you to judge them.

It’s not that she ain’t down for hookups. She just ain’t down with you.

Well, at least not yet, given that you’d actually take the time and effort in developing your game so you can become the most attractive version of yourself.

But don’t worry, I’ve helped numerous men to go from zero to HERO through our Bootcamp Immersion. By the way, some of my clients even got a same day lay.

If they can do it, so can YOU.

2. All Women Are Whores

“Girls are sleeping with everyone else but ME… They must be ALL SLUTS!”

This myth usually appears after a guy keeps trying over and over again and still isn’t able to get a girl. And he sees girls dating other guys and in relationships so he turns into a hater.

And then they’d backward rationalize by believing that, Oh I’m too good for them, and I won’t date them because I don’t deal with whores, without realizing that he is the problem and that his approach needs tweaking.

Another reason why guys might tend to think like this is that they exclusively sleep with sluttier women and that becomes their norm.

For example, someone who’s sexual experience comes from night game only or hostels where they tend to hook up with girls who are sluttier, might think that all women are just cheating whores with no morals. (This is also one of the reasons why I think Day Game is better than Night Game).

Long story short, the idea that all women are sluts come from guys who are bitter little boys who keep getting rejected over and over again because they lack basic social skills, or from guys who have a selection-bias based on the caliber of girl he sleeps with. 

3. Women in My Country Are Stuck Up

Over the years, I’ve heard over and over again about guys complaining that women in their country are all stuck up.

They love to complain on the internet, but they hate taking any action by actually talking to the local girls in real life.

Sure, if you live in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime then for sure you’ll have a hard time approaching. But other than extreme cases like that, most of the world you shouldn’t have a problem.

Wherever in the world you go, women are still women. Their biology doesn’t change.

The attractive traits of a High Value Man are universal. And women in any country would love to meet attractive men.

So don’t ask what your country can do for it, ask yourself what YOU can do for the women in YOUR country.

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4. Women Only Want 666

“Women only want men who are 6 feet tall, got a 6 figure income and 6 inch…” says Dick the black pill dude.

Obviously it’s easy to put the blame on things you don’t currently have or factors that you can’t control, because that gives you an easy way out.

This isn’t just about looks, money, and status, this also extends to whatever it is you think that women might potentially reject you for such as your race or age.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the exact same limiting beliefs when I was just starting out. But after spending over a decade in game as well as coaching numerous clients from all walks of life, I’ve come to realize that:

Age doesn’t matter
Height doesn’t matter
Race doesn’t matter
Money doesn’t matter

In fact, none of that stuff matters.

What matters the most is whether or not you’re putting the time and effort into becoming the best version of yourself.

Are there girls who are going to flat out reject you because of your looks, age, height, race or status? Sure, of course there are.

But more often than not, they reject you because of the reasons listed in this article.

Guys tend to make the game way more complicated than it needs to be.

What we do here at Gameasy is to focus on the things that actually matter.

Keep gaming, players.