3 Ways to Handle Attention Whores

You want her. But you don’t NEED her.

She’s mad flirty and grinding you up on the dance floor, so naturally you’re giving back as much as you’re receiving, if not more, but then something fucked up happens…

She drops you like you’re hot.

Someone else catches her attention and you now, somehow, seem like shit to her. 

You go home with blue balls.

But how in the hell do you handle girls who are Attention Whores?

Do you reciprocate 100% when she’s flirty, or is that too reactive?

I know you have some burning questions. And luckily we got the answers here.

Had enough with them blue balls?

Let’s get started then.

Wait, what IS an Attention Whore anyway?

But hold on…

Why don’t we first talk about the definition of a typical Attention Whore?

See what I just did here? 😉

Now an Attention Whore can be portrayed as a femme fatale.

Not only does she dress hot, but she has a look that is hot too.

She exudes sex.

To your surprise, this kind of woman starts hitting on you at the bar, the mall, or the street.

She isn’t shy of touching you, even in fun places.

You’re happy. You think you’re going to get an easy score the same night.

But hold on again…

The problem with just reciprocating with Attention Whores is that it takes you out of the position of control.

You need to be the one leading the process forwards.

Once you reflect the promiscuous vibe right back at her, she vanishes, literally or metaphorically.

Therefore, this is a type of girl who uses sexuality to the extreme in order to get your attention.

Simply because they LOVE the validation. But not the provider of it.

Once you react predictably, she loses her attraction to you. The reason is she no longer respects you because you’re not the one in the driver’s seat.

This is a woman who, on some level, wants you to straighten her out and not tolerate her crap.

If you don’t take this attitude with her, then she’ll dominate your attention, using it to build herself up, but treating you poorly. In all likelihood, she won’t even fuck you yet you’ll move mountains for her.

Congrats. By now you have successfully turned into one of her simps.

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Now guess what? The irony is that since these women often give off a slutty vibe, many guys assume they could smash them easily if they ever really tried. Mostly in their dreams, of course.

Well the truth is that it’s not as easy as it seems, because these kinds of women actually ask a lot of men.

Their inviting sexuality is only a lure. It says little about what this kind of woman’s sexuality is really like. In reality, a shy, plainly dressed girl could easily be more nasty in bed than these so-called sluts.

But if you know how to handle an Attention Whore, she can be an easy pull.

When a woman is leading the sexual advances, it’s risky to reciprocate them directly, unless you’re sure she is genuinely invested in you, and has a big thing for you. If that’s the case, by all means, reciprocate.

However, if there’s any doubt, then take a pause.

The reason an reactive approach doesn’t work is because she already has a bunch of thirsty dudes lining up to play this silly game with her.

The only exception is if she already perceives you as a man of high value. But it’s important not to ice out the sexual component of her behaviour — just the attention-seeking behaviour.

Ignoring her moves would be a form of sexual punishment which is the opposite of what you want to do.

So we cannot be reactive, but we can’t be ignorant towards her either.

We have to meet in the middle.

OK, you’ve waited long enough now lol.

So here are the top 3 ways to handle them:

1. Validate and Provoke

This is where you validate her a little bit, but also challenge her at the same time.

First and foremost, you want to convey that you approve of her sexual behaviour.

Reward the good. Punish the bad.

That being said, you also want to communicate to her that you’re not one of those simps who will take her attention-seeking seriously.

As a result, you will stand out from the crowd by appearing tough and attractive in her eyes.

In essence, you challenge the girl, which makes her chase you, especially with an Attention Whore.

Examples: “Whoa, hands off the merchandise” or “Hmm, not bad…” in an aloof tonality.

Finally, be sure to push her to new extremes of sexual behaviour. She’s gotta be extra nasty to impress you.

See the frame? It’s the frame of you not being easily impressed.

Why? Because deep down you know that you’re The Boss.

2. Pulling Back

Another way is to be reactive briefly, and then pulling back.

This puts you in control of the frame, and if you control the frame, you can probably control the conversation, the interaction, and ultimately, the outcome.

This can be done verbally or non-verbally.

Communicate approval by giving her a smirk, and follow it with a look that suggests you are evaluating whether she is any good.

Just see her as your sexy, dorky secretary on the first day of her new job. She still hasn’t passed the probation period, so you’re not sure if she’s good enough for you yet.

You become a source of sweet validation, but then you cut it off. Be the first one who walks away.

This is how you make girls chase you.

After wavering for a minute or two, re-engage and show interest to avoid killing all the attraction.

For example, say she comes up to you and starts grinding you on the dance floor. You reciprocate, then without saying a word, you walk away for a couple minutes. Or you can simply just look away as if you don’t really care anymore.

She loved it. But then she lost it.

Now she wants it back.

And you give it to her.

3. Social Proof

This goes back to what I said earlier about when she already sees you as a high valued man.

This is also known as Social Proof. Say you already know everyone in the club, or you roll up with a few blessed girls by your side throughout the night.

Or she sees you getting pursued by other blessed gs at the club.

In these cases, you can afford to ignore her entirely because you know that she is still going to want you.

By ignoring her, you’re saying that you won’t fit into her frame.

Most likely, she’ll try harder and harder to win you, with bold moves, nastier and nastier.

Still, no matter how much social proof you have, there’s a limit where she’ll lose all hope and it’d be game over.

You need to know that line and not cross it.

These tips were about challenging her and showing that you won’t fall for her manipulations, but also not punishing the sexual component of her behaviour.

They were also about how to avoid being so unreactive that she loses all attraction.

Somewhere in between there lies the golden level of response to give these Attention Whores, and that level can only be refined by experience.

Now if you want to step up your level in game sooner rather than later, then sign up for a Free Consultation right now.

And remember, Gameasy.