3 Powerful Frame Control Methods

You are The Boss. So let them chase you.

The ability to set a strong frame and have women qualify themselves to you is an extremely powerful ability both in game and in life.

Here are the top 3 frame control methods to get women chase you, aka The Boss.

1. Cumulative Listing

The method known as listing allows you to enhance whatever frame you are setting.

It’s also quite simple.

All you have to do is keep listing reasons that reinforce your initial frame. Instead of being pushy, you frame the idea as the obvious choice.

Proper listing requires structure. Ideally you should be creating a noticeable build-up from beginning to end.

As the list continues with each point, each point should become more powerful and more personalized. And the list should end with the best point.

This is known as Cumulative Listing. Use this method and your frames will have a storytelling quality which girls love.

Just be sure to pause between each point, to build intrigue, and to change your tone as you move through the list.

It takes practice to get good at listing, but it can become like a second nature, something you can do on the fly, with no preparation.

Once you do this, you’ll have a great tool to use to make yourself much more memorable.

2. Hidden Listing

This second method of listing provides another way of frame control.

It’s useful if what you’re saying is more ‘controversial’ in nature. It lets you slip the idea in smoothly and continuously gauge her reaction.

A common problem guys have is how to pivot into sexual talk.

That’s exactly where Hidden Listing comes into play. This method sexualizes your conversations.

Her body language and response will tell you how she feels about it. If you went too far, it’s ok because you were subtle about it and could easily change the subject.

If she gives positive signals, then you’ve created what’s known as an open loop, which is an unfinished subject that you can circle back to again and again.

Try to use a hidden item in the middle section of the list and to relate it to the current topic so that it seems integrated.

Topics like nightlife, meeting new people, dating and relationships are great topics for Hidden Listing.

Obviously there are many ways to go about it, so use your imagination.

3. Challenges

Challenges can be sprinkled into conversations with women to control the frame of the communication even more.

The basic idea is to challenge women in your seduction.

The incentive behind a challenge is that she feels motivated to put effort into the communication in order to chase you. By challenging women, you’d be basically flipping the script.

A good way to challenge a woman is to make a statement about the non-physical traits that you love in a woman (i.e. adventurous, sense of humour and passionate).

Then sit back, relax. Just watch and smile as she tries to convince you that she does have the traits that you are looking for.

It helps if you already have a sense that she has one of these qualities before you give her the challenge. This makes it more likely that she’ll comply and chase you.

Just keep in mind that you should only challenge her after she has reached the hook point.

Now all these frame control methods are flexible with multi-purpose techniques which can go a long way.

So go out there and practice them until they feel natural.

And remember, Gameasy.