3 Easy and 3 Hard Spots to Pick Up Girls

Welcome to a brand new episode of Spoteasy.

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.” — Warren Buffet.

This principle applies to both trading AND gaming.

Meaning, just because some venues are supposed to be hard, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid gaming in those places.

In fact, you should actually game in those “hard” spots more often.

Because you’ll have close to zero competition, and you’ll be able to grow your game and balls much faster compared to an easy spot.

And guess what? Just because a venue is hard, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t efficient. So many of my dates and pulls have come from the “hard” spots. And girls like it that way 😉

In this article I will go over 3 easy spots and 3 hard spots for pickup.

Let’s get started.

1. Easy Spot #1: Hotel Lounges

Let’s start off with one of the easiest spots aka hotel lounges.

You’ll be able to find a lot of girls there that are solo travelers, or on business trips, far away from her social circle and family. Meaning, there’ll be no social implications on her actions, so she’s going to be a lot more adventurous.

If you are in a big city like New York or Paris, find out where the tourists visit the most, and find lounges/bars that are in that area that they frequent.

Just make sure you don’t spam approach every girl in hotel lounges, as you don’t want to look like the guy who’s only trying to get laid there.

Instead, talk to everyone, build up your social momentum, and eventually you’ll come across that girl who’s there by herself, who’d be more than willing to meet a cool guy in the city.

And one more thing: knowing the staff there and having them by your side goes a long way. So if you have the means to do so, tip generously.

2. Easy Spot #2: Festivals

Specifically, I’m talking about the ones that run a full day or even multiple days, like Coachella, with different artists in different stages at the same time. 

Festivals are easy because girls are usually friendlier, and they tend to have much less of a bitch shield compared to night game.

It’s a more relaxed environment with tons of space to move around and game.

If you want a night club type of vibe, you can go closer to the stage and pull your moves there. And if you want more of a day game type of vibe like a big park for instance, you can move further away from the stage and explore. It’s literally the best of both worlds.

A lot of these festivals start at around noon, so it’s the perfect way to warm up. And when it’s night time, you can go for the same night lay.

Another reason why it can be so easy in festivals is that you’ll find a lot of girls who are traveling, and they would be more than happy to meet new people.

So just get an Airbnb nearby and the rest is history.

3. Easy Spot #3: The Beach

The great thing about the beach is that what you see is what you get.

Sure, in the nightclub you’ll find girls who wear dresses that nearly show off half their asses, but on the beach you’ll get the full view!

One of the reasons why the beach game is easy is because the girls are stationary, unlike in a night club where her cockblocking friends keep dragging her away. Oh, and this is another reason why it’s easy – no cockblocking friends.

Openers are easy on the beach as well. Just don’t go too direct, as it could get a little awkward going up to a nearly naked girl and telling her that she looks sexy.

No one is going to interrupt you and it is very socially acceptable to make small talk on the beach. Girls are also bored on the beach unlike in a nightclub where there is loud music and a ton of distractions.

Most girls there are just chilling and would be more than happy to talk to a cool guy.

Pretty nice view on the beach.

4. Hard Spot #1: Night Clubs

Time to get hard.

Now this is not to be confused with Street Game during the night.

What I’m talking about here is inside a club, with loud music and tons of distractions.

Like VERY. LOUD. Unbearably loud in some places.

This of course makes it a lot harder to go up and actually talk to a girl.

Also a girl will usually be with her friends, and her guard will be up. You’re going to have to play a lot of mental gymnastics just to isolate her from her friends and take her home… unless you have a good wingman.

You’ll also have to deal with other guys. Tons of competition.

Sure, most of them are drunk sloppy idiots who have no idea what they are doing, but that’s just going to make the girl put up her shield even more as she already got hit on left right and center by these idiots.

And now you wanna come in and show her that you are not one of them? Well, good luck man, because that takes experience in the game to master.

You also need to be quick and witty. Things are very fast paced in a nightclub environment with lots of distractions going on…

And if you don’t get her hooked on time, she’s going to lose interest fast and move on. Once again, that takes experience in the game.

That being said, if you want quick and easy lays, try doing street game in the night after club hours.

I mean… if you keep doing it over and over, you’ll find some yes girls who’ll go home with you, but they often won’t be quality lays, or anything meaningful.

Just saying.

5. Hard Spot #2: Busy Street

Approaching a girl you don’t know during the day time on the busy street is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially when starting out as a beginner.

Girls are not being expected to be approached during the day, and if you don’t approach her the right way you can come across as a street vendor/promoter/hustler or even a panhandler if you dress like a bum. And that’s why fashion is so important.

Even if you do everything 100% by the book, you’ll still come across girls who will just look at you weird or walk away and pretend they never saw you. But hey, rejection is just part of the game.

That being said, how you approach during the day absolutely matters.

Your body language, what you say, how you say it, your fashion, your mental state, all of these things play a key role in your success in terms of street approaches.

But like I said at the beginning, you should actually game at a hard venue more often. Just imagine the freedom and possibilities of meeting attractive women anytime, anywhere…

This is exactly why I’ve spent the past 10 years mastering the art of Day Game. And through years of trials and errors, I’ve discovered a System that has been getting me and my clients consistent results.

In fact, I’m proud to share this System with you in our online course, Day Gameasy – The Ultimate A-Z System which covers everything you need to know about Day Game.

Basically I have gamed hard, so You can Gameasy.

6. Hard Spot #3: Public Transit

Now public transit (buses, subway or trains) is probably one of the hardest spots to game.

First off, logistics can be an issue.

The chance of getting a same day lay ain’t that high for obvious reasons, so you’ll need to learn how to spark attraction quickly and get a number close on time.

Another reason is that it can sometimes make girls feel uncomfortable due to how limited space there is to move around. Of course with good game and careful social calibration, this won’t be that much of an issue.

Lastly, the audience effect can get into your head pretty bad if you aren’t used to it. Basically, it means that you get self-conscious about what other random people around would think of you, when they see you gaming.

Now this audience effect is tenfold in public transit due to the fact that there is so little space and most people are stationary. So they can see exactly what you are doing, and that can get into your head pretty fast, leaving you feeling stifled and anxious.

But guess what? The truth is that random people don’t really give a flying f**k about you.

They’ll look at you for like half a second and then go back to scrolling through tiktok on their phone.

Literally nobody cares. You ain’t that important. And it’s all in your head.

Anyway, it’s better to just show you what I mean in this video, where you’ll see how it’s done in Toronto.

And it can be done anywhere else in the world.

Subway? Yes way.

As a beginner or an intermediate, or even an advanced, it is best to game in all types of venues whether you think it is easy or hard.  

Things you learn in one type of venue, almost always can be transferred to the other, and vice versa.

Now if you really want to get good with women sooner rather than later, then you must game in all different types of venues, no ifs and buts.

That being said, if you want to follow a simple yet complete System in order to save yourself from years of trials and errors, then check out our online course, Day Gameasy.

And remember, Gameasy.