12 Grooming Tips to Transform Your Style

No grooming = All wanking

Being masculine doesn’t mean being nasty, and being groomed doesn’t mean girly. These grooming tips will help you attract the well-groomed women around you.

By grooming, I don’t really mean fashion. That’s a whole other ball game.

Grooming refers to the basics of being clean and well put together, the base upon which fashion rests. A common misconception is that game and grooming/fashion don’t belong under the same umbrella.


Think of grooming as reverse body image disorder. Instead of worrying about your looks, you take pride in them and want to show them off.

In the end, no matter how tight your game is, most women will be substantially turned off by you if you have any glaring grooming issues.

Look, the game is already hard enough as it is. So why make it even harder for yourself?

This is exactly why we offer a complete Style and Fashion Makeover for all our Bootcamp Clients, so you can look and feel your absolute best right before the transformation.

On that note, here are 12 tips you can use right away to make sure your tight game isn’t sabotaged by any physical hiccups in your grooming choices.

1. Nose Hair Trim

Protruding visible nose hair is a sure sign that someone lacks careful grooming habits.

Like it or not, many women feel like their beauty is wasted on men who are slovenly themselves. So take a look in the mirror and inspect your nostrils for danglers.

Get a nose hair trimmer and blast them so no women can judge you for them. This applies also to the big hairs that tend to shoot out of your moles too.

Pluck them out regularly.

2. Fingernails

Keeping your fingernails clean is a signal that your hands are fit for handling sensitive areas.

Long, dirty fingernails suggest that you aren’t in the habit of touching those areas, at least other than your own.

The same is true for your toenails. Clean-cut fingernails are a safety feature for the bedroom, and it’s a factor for many women.

Women may have long, pretty nails, but they know how to handle them. Nobody expects a man to keep his nails in check during sex, because he gets too excited.

So clip them before you give someone something like a paper cut!

Cut your fingernails unless you’re playing a Justin Bieber song.

3. Teeth

As obvious as this should sound, I’m going to say it anyway — brush your teeth!

Especially before going to bed and after waking up, because we all know how nasty our breath is in the morning. Give your mouth a good clean before and after sleep so that you minimize the nastiness as much as possible.

You should also try to fit in at least one brushing sometime during the day, and by that I mean flossing and mouthwash too!

4. Diet

Remember that what you eat can affect your breath and body odour for hours after eating.

Garlic, onions, curry, and other foods are not ideal for gaming because they give off inadvertent odours.

This doesn’t mean you have to avoid certain trouble foods — just that you should try to eat them during times when you aren’t gaming.

5. Eyebrows

Eyebrows shouldn’t be like big furry beasts. If that sounds like you, try asking your barber to clean them up, or get yourself some tweezers and little scissors so you can DIY.

By the way, unibrows are a huge turnoff these days. They make it seem like you must not even own a mirror.

Pluck it, shave it, or even laser it, just make sure it’s gone.

6. Chest Hair Trim

Lots of women like chest hair, as long as it’s not wild and crazy.

The hair should complement the chest, not obscure it. It should be uniform, not bunched up in clumps or oddly missing or light in patches, unless you’re a 40 year old virgin. And you may even want to comb it.

However, some guys nowadays believe that chest hair should be all shaved up, or at least trimmed. Regardless, no matter what happens, don’t let her walk away from you thinking she just spotted Bigfoot.

Notice a theme here? The majority of grooming involves hair removal.

Less is More.

7. Back Hair Trim

Back hair just doesn’t have much of a standing in most women’s minds.

Unlike chest hair, which you might want to sculpt and cultivate, it’s best to wax or shave your back. Back hair can likely make a woman cringe.

8. Armpit Trim

It’s expected that you’ll have some bush going on in your armpits, but don’t let them jut out when your arms are at your sides.

Let that be your signal to trim them.

9. Haircut

Haircuts are more about style than grooming.

If you find the right barber, just stick to the same barber.

And if it gets too expensive for you to get a cut every couple weeks, then consider getting your own electric razor and having a friend or family member give you trims.

You can DIY if you want, but make sure to watch a bunch of YouTube instructional videos first.

Having a good hair product will make a day and night difference after a nice haircut. Check out this excellent, water-based pomade that I’ve been using for years.

10. Showering

Showering is the most important grooming habit of all those on this list. While it is true that a bit of body odour can actually act as a natural aphrodisiac, it is still generally a faux pas in civilized society.

So listen to your mom, and take a shower everyday.

11. Beard Maintenance

A nice stylin’ beard can make a man look more mature and distinguished, not to mention sophisticated.

But the fact is that many young guys can’t grow a nice one (like myself…). It comes in patchy and wispy.

If you’re one of these guys, don’t feel bad, but definitely don’t grow a ‘beard’ anyway. Women will prefer you clean-shaven if you can’t rock a full beard. 

That being said, if you do have good beard genes, remember that responsibility comes with the beard. You need to keep it clean the same way you wash your hair.

Beards are exposed to so much during the day that they can become smelly and nasty if you don’t wash it with soap or beard shampoo.

You don’t want her to be hesitant to get close to your face, do you?

12. Ball Trim

Getting scissors near your nuts may seem like a crazy idea, but there is a good reason for it. Pubic hair can be a nest of bacteria and look/smell nasty to women.

You don’t need to get drastic unless you have very hairy balls, but you should trim them and do some landscaping once a month.

And if you’ve lost your balls, we got you fam.

Compared to what women go through, men have it easier.

Now follow these 12 grooming tips so you can Gameasy.