10 Signals from Women that Most Men Miss

Look out for these honest signals, so you can Gameasy.

Women can be masters of subtlety, and you need to be attuned to it in order to gauge their interest.

In fact, women can convey interest in guys through all kinds of mysterious ways. You may not even notice the Indicators of Interest (IOI’s) most of the time, or you might have a vague understanding that she’s into you without any conviction.

It’s not unusual at all for a man to wonder if a girl was interested, and ended up letting her go, only to realize that she was actually interested.

No worries man. We’ll break down the top 10 IOI’s that women will use to express their interest in you, so you minimize your doubts and take action before it’s too late.

Let’s get started.

1. Speaking LOUDLY

This is a neat little trick where a woman will speak loudly and direct her voice at you in a loud exclamation, often ending the sentences with uptalk aka a rapport seeking tonality.

Quick examples: “OMG, THIS IS SO CUTE-ah~” or “I KNOW, RIGHT?!”

It’s even more obvious if she turns away from other stimuli and looks towards you as she raises her voice.

However, don’t be the first one who awkwardly stares at her first — then she might just be trying to figure out what’s up and why you’re being creepy.

But if you’re able to check her out in a sexy way, and she’s also checking you out proactively, then you can safely assume that it IS on.

2. Hovering

This is a classic move.

Girls, like a lot of guys, want to keep their emotions ambiguous so that she can deny her true motivations if she needs to save face.

Hovering is her giving you an opportunity to get near her so you can approach her.

Now she may do this deliberately, or spontaneously — like when she doesn’t see you, then notices you, and takes a few seconds to linger her senses on you, without really being aware of it.

Whether she’s lingering or hovering, if you think she’s giving off a cue that she wants to meet you, you’re probably right.

Just open.

3. Eyebrow Raises

Eyebrow flashes can suggest playfulness, humour, suggestiveness, or intrigue.

They can be used consciously, but they can also happen unconsciously.

Unconscious eye flashes are a sure sign that you’re in her head, and that you represent excitement to her.

They’re often fast, but they are dead giveaways that you’re on the right track.

4. Quick Touches

A quick touch obviously refers to times when a woman touches you and then quickly pulls back.

The quickness of it suggests that she wants to feel you up, but she’s nervous.

Any brief physicality initiated by her counts as a brief touch, and it’s definitely a good sign.

This is because that hesitancy of the brief touch suggests deeper feelings.

If a woman’s touches are longer lasting, they may just be platonic in nature. Or, they may mean that she’s DTF. It depends.

But quick touches suggest forbidden fruit, which is hot.

5. Lordotic Stance

This is a posture where a woman’s back is arched back whether she’s sitting or standing. It’s an ancient pose.

Her boobs are thrusting forward and her butt is thrusting backward.

Is it comfortable? Naw.

But is it sexy? Duh.

It’s a display that men find irresistible, and women love doing it for guys they like. Women strike a lordotic pose when they want you to notice their attributes to full effect.

So if she goes into this pose near you, take it as a sign to be her lord of the sheets.

6. Limb Show

Women love the Gun Show probably as much as men love the Limb Show.

It could be her flashing her inner elbow, her palm, her wrist, or the inside of one of her legs.

When a woman makes a deliberate point of showing you some kind of limb action, it’s a way of signaling vulnerability, and therefore trust.

Limb displays are hardwired in our brain such that women may do that naturally and intentionally. And in both cases, the limb expresses interest.

So keep an eye on her body language when she’s talking to you.

7. “Whoopsie Daisi~”

Women are generally a bit clumsier than men, as men’s brains are more optimized for motor skills.

But if a girl is bumping into you a lot, it’s safe to assume that she really ain’t that clumsy and it’s an Indicator of Interest.

It’s also safe to assume one of two things — that she’s doing it on purpose, or that she’s so flustered around you that she can’t think (or move) straight.

Either way, if she bumps in to you, it’s totally reasonable to open her with an Assumed Attraction Mindset.

8. Head Tilts

We’ve all seen the pet dogs on TV tilting their heads when having little ‘conversations’ with their owners.

The head tilt is a cute way of showing curiosity, but it’s not just for dogs.

Humans use them too. Between humans, head tilts convey the message of “I’m into you”.

In fact, it’s also a sign of being vulnerable or even submissive, as it exposes more of the neck.

If her head is tilting when you’re gaming her, chances are she wants you. Bad.

9. Laugh/Smile + Shrug

Shoulders can be expressive too.

If you see her shrug, she may be expressing interest in you.

The negative form of shrugging could be in terms of ‘shrugging something off’. But if she smiles and laughs, and also shrugs, then it’s a good shrug, and a good signal.

Women often use shoulder shrugs as a way of hinting that it’s time to move on to the next level of intimacy.

She’s shrugging as if to say that she doesn’t really care about any BS small talk now, and she just wants you to take her.

10. Lip Parting or Licking

We all know those perfume or cologne ads showing the smouldering model, male or female, with the parted lips, tongue out, licking expression.

This look exudes sex.

If she’s giving you that look right when you meet up, then you’ve already got into her head (and her bed), mentally speaking.

If she starts popping her lips and keeping them that way mid-way through a conversation, then you must have just said or done something she finds hot.

Lip parting is good, but lip licking is blessed.

If she’s licking her lips while staring at you, then she’s pretty much down.

If you could learn to identify these signals and respond to them in the moment, that’s great, but it’s only half the battle.

The other half is what you actually do.

Depending on what stage of the interaction she starts flashing signals, proceed accordingly.

The key is to keep your eyes open for the signs, and pounce when you do see them, like a tiger on the prowl.

That being said, if you want to get the dating life you’ve always wanted, then sign up for a Free 30 Min Coaching Call now and we’ll help you get started right away.

Keep gaming, players.